Parents day Game

Parents day Game by Muxi :
1- kids and parents sitting in a big circle.
Print out the targeted vocabulary pictures and stick them inside paper cups.
Everyone gets a cup. Now start chanting the targeted sentence ( what do you have/see etc) pass the cup to the one on the right side.
Do it slowly so that they can pass the cups comfortably. Stop it after a few turns and ask each other, ” what do you have”? They answer accordingly.
Watch video# 164 on the Muxi ESL channel.
Here is the link ;

2.  Set up a Restaurant and a Toy store and a Supermarket (3 tables)
Table1 : ( 2 parents on it)
Place fake food or mini-flashcards on it.
Table2: (2 parents on it)
Place toys or mini cards
Table 3: ( 2 parents on it)
Clothes items or mini cards on it.

Each Kid has three fake dollars. Go to different tables and buy stuff while using the proper structure.

Kid: what do you have?
Parent: what do you want.
Kid: I want (a) car, please.

The kid goes to table 2 and repeats the same process, and so on.
For better understanding, You can watch video#163 on the ”Muxi ESL ” YouTube channel.

3. Button up the sweater:
Arrange a sweater (ask kids to bring or you might have in the center.
3 pairs (parents+kid) at a time.

Kids: Mommy, mommy help me, please!
Muxi teacher: 1,2,3 gooo
Parents help kids to put on and button up the sweater, whoever finishes first, is the winner. Kids should say thanks to their parents.

When they finish, the teacher can ask each kid: what are you wearing? And they say “I’m wearing a blue sweater”.

4. Hot potato :
Kids and parents sit in a circle. Place few flashcards in the middle. Play music, pass a ball, when the music stops, the one holding the ball picks up a card and says it. Do it all once everyone gets a turn.


5. Rolling chair
Have a rolling chair (chair with wheels) place flashcards around the chair, kids take turns to sit on the chair, parents roll the chair when it stops, the kid has to say the word he/she pointing to.

6. Parachute umbrella.
Get a parachute umbrella and use chairs to make an igloo. Place few easy flashcards inside the igloo. Parents (one by one roll the dice 🎲 and kid go inside and pick up that many cards, come out, and present them to the parents.

7. Get some small Hula-hoops (maybe just 5) and a small water bottle. Parents throw the hoops to the bottle, if the parent got 3 hoops on the bottle, his/her kid will pick up that many flashcards and say it.