Teacher Interview Demo

Teacher Interview Demo

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This is a demo for a new teacher having an interview for an English teaching job. Link for the flashcards is also given, download them and print them out and take them with you when you go for an interview, they may ask you to give them a demo. Mostly the teachers will act like kids and you have to consider them as kids and teach them a few words and a sentence. They want to see the teaching steps, experience, and relevant skills you have. I would suggest you keep the demo simple and follow the steps strictly as it is written.

Download The Flashcards: Fruit Flashcards – Muxi ESL World

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4 reviews for Teacher Interview Demo

  1. Kali

    thanks for provinding these materials

  2. Paul JONES

    I appreciate how selfless Muxi is by creating all these helpful teaching materials and videos. A must if your school has no idea about what to teach, then throws you in front of 30 children who have no idea of what to learn, so, save all the lesson plans, just in case such a situation happens.

    • admin

      Thanks for the nice words, Paul! We are bringing so many cool resources to teachers around the world. Enjoy your teaching.

  3. Fahad Ali

    Muxi brother you are great person.And it’s a great help for me

  4. fatima

    thank youuuu so so so much I really appreciate your hard working and your shering of information.

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