Body Parts Lesson

Body Parts Lesson

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Body parts lesson plan for your demo and regular classes. Links for the resources and games and given. Click and get free downloads
Body parts Flashcards:
Body parts Worksheets:
My Senses PPT

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This lesson plan will give you a basic idea about the lesson plan structure and you can add more games and activities accordingly. Teaching body parts is an easy lesson since you can practice it all the time in any way.  You can refer to the animals, pictures, puppets, and your own body parts and elaborate on them using different structures like what is this? what are these? how many (eyes) do you have? what do you see? and so on.

2 reviews for Body Parts Lesson

  1. Julian M

    This lesson plan was very helpful! It’s detailed enough that I can remember each step clearly. The materials are a bonus so there is minimal preparation needed. Thanks for this!

    • admin

      Thank you for the positive feedback Julian! Enjoy your teaching.

  2. Elena

    Thanks for share this useful material!!

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